Amongst the rocks I run
And where I come from or where I go
Doesn’t matter
The latter is for later and the other is in the past
Fast I run
Over rivers and past cliffs I run
Fully in the moment, just being a component of the environment
Not following any man made trend
But the ups and downs of the landscape I follow
Completely in the flow
But once I arrive at my destination
God puts his hands upon me and sais ‘follow me’
I take a moment of thought but don’t flee
Is this me or is God the Almighty actually calling me
To be free of my own slavery?
To be fully and most competently me?

I choose for a life full
But soon it becomes dull
The once sharp knife becomes blunt;
The eternal life becomes a one day stunt.
Once every week, millions of Christians come together
To hear the voice of God;
Distancing themselves from the other lot.
Those that don’t treat others like themselves,
Those that don’t buy fair and ecological;
Those that do neglect the poor or even all!?

How come millions of Christians can’t change their way of life,
do they really for God’s will strive???

While eating food that poisons our water, buying clothing made by slaves.
‘I sometimes buy ecological!’
The good we do goes in waves.
‘The holy spirit lives in me!’ Cause I sing ‘hallelujah!’ And say ‘hey’ to my neighbor, with lots of love.
Doesn’t that come from the One above?

“Believe without works is empty.”
And that’s what -everywhere around me- I see. Not just ‘no works’, but negative works.

“Love God above all and your fellow man as yourself. “