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It was the night of 2 June 2001, the night of change, that night my life turned, it turned around a full 180 degrees. I was woken up by my mother but it was still dark and I again could here people mumbling, people screaming. Looking through the wall I could see a light, a light which was coming towards us but it was not as any light I had ever seen before
It did not flicker, nor was it as the sun or the moon. I was amazed by how it moved closer how it shone in one direction and then the other. Only when my mother started shaking me violently I could hear her scream “Run Empongo, run!” So I ran, ran as fast as I could into the jungle, up the mountain, never to see my mother again. I was the only one to get away that night, at least the only one I know off.

I suppose my size and the way I ran back then, silent and fast got me to get away.



I can hear the train roaring under me on it’s never ending iron rails. Outside it’s dark and the only thing I notice is the sound of the train and an occasional peace of paper being turned.

My eyes are closed and I can see devils of the past as I slip in and out of consciousness. Devils of the past as I learned to live with them and by doing so they became inseparable to my existence. But now and then as I fall asleep they seam as vivid as when I first came in contact with them.


I’m in a classroom and music is playing, people are talking and I’m silent, writing this down. How did I get here? What am I doing here?

It all started back in 1993.
On 4 June 1993, people where talking, someone was screaming and no music was playing. My first day pondering at the thought of reality, watching the world around me and the only thing I could do was cry. Cry and be silent.

My name is Empongo and this is my story.