Here are my poems, at the moment still totally random:

Sometimes you fail, get over it so your life doesn’t fail.
Do something you think is worth your life and don’t accept failure.

I’m one of those 7 billion people, just as anonymous as most of them. If I die most won’t know but some will know. But not everyone has those some, and if they wrote this maybe no one will ever read it. Because they don’t have someone who is sitting and watching the things of his/her friend/son/daughter/mom/granddad/… who died. But maybe they’ve got someone not because he/she died but disappeared, never to come back again. Some will never know but he/she knows and sometimes that’s enough. Not all has to be passed on, not all is good to know – If you want back go!

I’m tired but can’t sleep. I’m awake but still dreaming. I’m walking but at the same time standing still to watch everything around me. What a strange place/world am I living in –

Freedom can’t be planned, Freedom is free to go where it wants whenever it wants.

There’s light outside and light within the house, because of lights you can even see the mouse who were only ment to be heard. Those lights are for me like dark spots in a beaken of light – It’s 10 O’clock but still light, so I can even write. Never to get rest by the dark. But only by the tiered eyes and arms who write this text. Only to begin under the light with the next.

I saw you crawling there so lonely and in despair. I should’ve helped you but- I just took a photograph and showed you the white men didn’t hat any love. Now you’re probably dead and I am still alive but not for long – I got a price, for taking that photograph, not for taking care of someones life. That’s just how the white men his society works and I’m not better, I’m a monster but I’ve got the courage to stop it —

This particular poem is about the photographer who took the photo which you can see in here , the child was 1 mile from a UN food center but the journalists and photographers were told to not touch any of the people because they could become sick. So he just took a photograph and when he came back to his country he won a big price with it but a month after the price he committed suicide –

Once a monkey will walk upright and say that human was all wrong about apes being able to become like man. They couldn’t become that cruel not even in a million years.

Some of us think they’re the smartest earthlings. But others think they’re just thinking it.

For everyone everything is different.
But can one thing than be a million things because everyone sees it different?

What you think makes me think
that maybe you think so because of what I think.
But don’t I just think that because of what you thought?

Sitting on a tree, You and me,
Watching the sky and asking why, we.
Why don’t we still live in houses of luxury.
Why did we see that slaughtering nature is not the way it should be?

Do what you think you’ll regret later on if not done
and don’t do what you think you’ll regret later on if done!

-Upon what are you waiting here?
>Upon the reflection of the reflection through her eye.
>To remember –
But someone will come to take me away, before the moon will have come in my field of vision.
And I will not stay, nor to remember, nor to forget but to get back …

As you can’t heal burns with fire,
you can’t heal this world with fighting.

Become one of the poorest
so you can become pure in soul
and you shall rise up.

Material things fade away,
rather than concentrating on those
concentrate on things that do not fade away.

Times go by
But I don’t know why
People die
Without even being able to say goodbye

Quotes: (not always exactly as the original but these are not my texts!)

“A career is a 20th century invention
and I don’t think I want/need one.”